VIRGINIA: Lovely Loretta Wants to Move In with You!

Meet Loretta! She was one of hundreds of large dogs that the ASPCA provided care for after their rescue from alleged cruelty in Nevada last year. Now, Loretta is thriving with our friends at the Fredericksburg SPCA, and ready for adoption in the Virginia area! Could you be the family she has been waiting for?

At the Fredericksburg SPCA, Loretta is known as a big baby with a gentle, loving heart who just wants a chance at being a part of a loving family. In her time there, she has quickly become a favorite among staff and volunteers and is reportedly the sweetest and most laidback girl they know! When she gets excited about something, she shows it with her sweet tail wag.

Loretta can be slow to warm up to new people, but once she gets to know you, you’ll have a new friend for life. Kids are likely new to Loretta, but slow introductions would help her feel more comfortable with them. It’s unknown how she would do with cats, and she has done well with the dog friends she has met. She hasn’t shown much interest in active play with other dogs, but she does follow their lead. A confident resident dog may be helpful for her in a new home. It’s unknown if she’s fully housetrained, but she does always use the bathroom during walks.

If you live in the Virginia or D.C. areas, and you’d like to learn more about how to adopt gorgeous Loretta, please visit the Fredericksburg SPCA website!

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