Try These Tasty Treats for Aging Brains

Mmmm, tasty treats! Photo Credit: Willee Cole,

Want to give your furry friend a mental “leg up?” Try tasty treats like these Salmon Brain-Boosters. The omega-3 in salmon helps power cognition (and tastes yummy to boot!), plus it can help keep coats healthy and even combat cancer.

Here’s a recipe you can try at home:

Salmon Brain-Boosters
Yield: 36 treats
Calories per treat: 10


1 can (7-oz.) salmon
1/3 cup oat flour*
1 tbsp. parsley, minced


Preheat oven to 350°F and grease a small baking sheet. In a medium-sized bowl, blend ingredients until fully incorporated, then scoop by the spoonful and roll into ½-inch balls. Space balls evenly on baking sheet and bake for 12-15 minutes. Let cool before serving.

*If necessary, pulse dry oats in a food processor to substitute for oat flour.

Whether you’ve tried this recipe before or will be trying it for the first time in the future, please be sure to let us know how much your pets love it!

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Share Your Favorite DIY Tasty Treats

Have you made this recipe (or a similar one) for your pooch before? How much fun did you have making it and how did your pets respond? Do you have any other tasty treats that you enjoy making for your furever pals? We love hearing from you, so won’t you please share a pawsome recipe or two with us before you go?

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