Trotwood and Havisham’s Love Will Keep You Warm all Winter Long!

What’s better than adopting one cat? Adopting two cats! Trotwood and Havisham are two inseparable besties that can’t imagine life apart, so they must go home together. 

As stately as his name suggests, Trotwood is always front and center to welcome you home. He’s a big fan of treats and dinnertime and will talk up a storm when he sees you, as if to say, “please feed me now and pet me later.” Trotwood has even been heard “talking” while he eats. After dinner, Trotwood is always up for playtime. Though, truly Trotwood’s day would not be complete without naptime. If you don’t see him out and about, you will most likely find him curled up in one of his safe, cozy places snoozing away! 

Though you may not see a lot of the reserved gentleman Havisham in the beginning, once he warms up to you, he shows his playful and social personality. Havisham loves yummy treats, perching on the cat tree and playing with felt wand and mouse toys. He also enjoys investigating his surroundings and will always come to you for treats. 

Havisham and Trotwood would do best in a home with children ages eight and up. 

If you think this purrfect pair of gentlemen is the purrfect match for you, and you live in the tri-state area, check out their profiles to complete an application!

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