This Is Your Sign to Rescue a Dog

Today is National Rescue Dog Day and boy, do we have some cute pups looking to be adopted! If you’re in the tri-state area looking for a large dog who can’t wait to find a home to call their own, then you’ve come to the right place. Meet our sweet, adoptable dogs below and help celebrate National Rescue Dog Day by making one of them yours today! 


Snowcone is a fun-loving, friendly family dog who is as sweet as he is adorable and has previously lived well with a small baby. He loves treats and is happy to work for them when he isn’t playing. Check out his profile to learn more! 


Washington is a happy, young, handsome man who loves everyone he meets! Enter his kennel and he greets you with full body wiggles and a goofy grin that’s too cute for words. Check out his profile to learn more! 


Twister is a happy-go-lucky, energetic boy who loves everything this world has to offer. But his two favorite things are toys and walks! Indoors, he loves to play with any type of toy, and outdoors he loves exploring everything there is to explore. Check out his profile to learn more!


Ariel is the definition of a lazy house hippo and much prefers lounging around over getting into crazy antics. Give Ariel some blankies, snacks and love and she is sure to be the world’s happiest girl! Check out her profile to learn more!


Aycee is an easygoing, happy and curious pup who loves outdoor field trips, sniffing everything there is to sniff and spending time napping. He’s mellow, sweet and gentle and loves to learn with pets and scratches as his reward. Check out his profile to learn more!


Bruno is an energetic young man who has the greatest zest for life we’ve ever seen! He loves zooming around with his toys and would be up for lots of outdoor adventures—so if you’re looking for a pal to go on runs and hikes with, count Bruno in. Check out his profile to learn more!


Luisa is an energetic, fun-loving lady who’s always happy to spend time with friends and strangers alike, greeting them with a waggy tail and full body wiggles! She would love a family who can keep her budy with playtime, exercise and some outdoor adventures. Check out her profile to learn more!


Oakley is not only the best model in town, but he’s also the most fun and funniest! Oakley has never met a person he doesn’t like and loves saying hello to friends and strangers alike. Check out his profile to learn more!


Maeve is a very happy girl and easily wins the hearts of everyone she meets! She loves anyone and everyone—boasting such a large fan club that our staff even spend time cuddling with her in her kennel. So, if you’re looking for a snuggle bug, you’re in the right place! Check out her profile to learn more!


Pluto is a big sweetheart who loves everyone he meets. In fact, his favorite things include people, snuggling, long walks, sniffing flowers and rolling in the grass. He also loves blueberries and carrots so if you’re looking to keep a healthy fridge—count Pluto in! Check out his profile to learn more!


Squirt is the happiest girl who loves anyone and everyone she meets—especially if they’re willing to give her lots of love and scratches. She loves playtime and can’t wait to find a family to spoil her with lots of toys and games! Check out her profile to learn more!


Nola is a beautiful lady who loves keeping busy with long walks and playing fetch. She also loves gnawing on any type of toy and playing with other dogs. Nola has a real zest for life and is hoping to find a family with one similar to hers. Check out her profile to learn more!


Dove had a pretty rough start to life so she can be a little anxious sometimes and nervous around new people, but under those nerves she is the sweetest, happiest dog! She loves to learn, get outside and go for long sniffy walks. With her friends, she’s a happy, wiggly, goofy girl who’s chock-full of love! Check out her profile to learn more!

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