This Curveball Is Sure to Be a Happy Surprise!

Sometimes life throws a Curveball your way, but you’ve probably never seen one this adorable! Our sweet Curveball is a southpaw ready to throw a perfect game and slide into your heart!

Here in New York City, Curveball can sometimes find the Adoption Center to be a little overwhelming, but when she has one-on-one time with a friend, you will see just how big of a lovebug she is! Since she is slow to adjust to new environments and prefers going at her own pace, she is looking for a teammate who will be patient with her. Yummy treats, cheek pets and chin scratches are the keys to making her happy!

A volunteer who knows Curveball well describes her as lovely, gracious and gorgeous and writes: “When I offered her my hand, she gave the okay by gently rubbing her cheek on me. After a few seconds of neck scritches, she slowly rolled over and showed me her little belly. Curveball is adorably affectionate—I offered her some toys and treats, but all she wanted was pets! She seems to really want to make new friends and is ready for a loving family.”

A Matchmaker can help you explore if Curveball is the match you’re looking for! Children might be new for her, and adopters should use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions with her. Our staff will also be able to provide you with information about Curveball’s medical needs and give you tips to help set her up for success!

If you’d like to learn more about Curveball and make her the Most Valuable Pet in the Tri-State Area, please visit her profile to complete an application! 

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