Supercat Wants You to Be Her Super Friend!

Look! In that hidey box, snuggled under her cape! She’s not a bird … she’s not a plane … she’s Supercat!

Are you in the tri-state area and looking to add a small, fuzzy hero to your life? Look no further than the marvelous Supercat! Like your usual selfless superhero, she doesn’t ask for much. All she wants is to hang around the house, occasionally join her human for some TV time or curl up nearby while you read a good book! She can totally leap tall cat trees in a single bound, she just doesn’t feel like it right now—she’d rather relax with you.

Supercat likes her purr-sonal space and prefers a home with fewer visitors so that her secret identity remains, well, secret! When she moves into her new hideout, she will need a designated safe space to help her settle in and feel comfortable enough to explore more. A supply of food and toys (her favorite being a feather wand toy) is just the thing to help her to leave her Fortress of Solitude and accept a short-and-sweet dose of petting. Supercat’s foster reports that with time and a respectful, calm approach, she has become a wonderful gal who solicits attention on her own terms and enjoys sitting near her person. You can often catch her keeping watch from her favorite window like a true neighborhood protector.

Supercat would prefer flying everywhere she goes, but she knows she needs to keep a low profile and travel in a carrier like normal cats. It’s not her favorite place to be, so her foster is working with her on being more comfortable when travelling. Even heroes have to be brave sometimes!

Supercat would likely do best in a home with children eight years and up, and she has previously lived well with other cats. Her new sidekicks should use a slow approach and avoid forced interactions—slow and steady wins over Supercat’s affections! A Matchmaker can help you with tips to help get her to enjoy her carrier and how to best set her up for success in the home.

If you’re in the tri-state area and would like to take Supercat up, up and away, visit her profile to submit an application!

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