Looking for Cloud Nine: Adoptable Dog, Cloud, Is Searching for a Loving Home

Four-year-old Cloud graduated from the ASPCA Behavioral Rehabilitation Center (BRC) in August of this year. Before coming to our facilities in North Carolina, Cloud had been found with a pack of stray dogs in Tennessee by animal control. When the animal control officers spotted Cloud and her pack, the dog was in such poor shape, they weren’t even sure she was a dog. They instead thought she might be a goat.

Left: Cloud at the time of her rescue. Right: Cloud is a happy, healthy girl now!

Once they rescued her, they realized that she was in fact a sweet dog, and sent her to the BRC where she would learn to overcome her intense fears and insecurities. It was there that she learned that unfamiliar people, objects, sounds and situations aren’t as scary as she once thought. And as she began to grow internally, her fur began to grow in, too. As Cloud began to get fluffy, staff noted that she looked more like a sheep (an ironic turn for a dog initially thought to be a goat). 

After her successful graduation from the BRC, Cloud was placed with the Nashville Humane Association and made available for adoption. While Cloud is still sometimes a little nervous when it comes to new experiences, she is getting better and more confident every day. 

Cloud loves learning new things and will work hard for a tasty treat! She’s eager to learn basic commands and manners. She just asks that you go slowly with her, use positive reinforcement and give her a break if she needs one. She also loves tasty things to chew on, cheese, snuggly blankets and quiet, calm walks. Cloud enjoys some affection from her favorite familiar people, but she needs slow, patient introductions and people who understand that she needs time to warm up. 

Cloud is a special, sensitive girl, and she needs an adopter who truly understands that. In her new home, Cloud needs an understanding, patient adopter who will not only continue to help her learn how to live in a home setting, but one who will also give her the time and space she needs as she adjusts. Cloud needs to feel safe and secure in her new space, and needs plenty of gentle encouragement to help her feel comfortable.

Could you be the one to help Cloud appreciate what it means to be a beloved pet? Since October is Adopt a Shelter Dog Month, it could be the perfect time to open your heart to a dog like Cloud. 

If you are in the Nashville area and are interested in adopting Cloud, please contact Erica at [email protected]

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