How to Pick the Perfect Douglas Fur: Adopt Him!

If you’ve ever wanted to keep a Douglas “Fur” in your home all year round, this Los Angeles-based cat is for you!

With his jet-black coat, we call Douglas our sweet and curious house panther. He can be shy at first and it takes him some time to adjust to new environments, but once he has acclimated to you and your home, he becomes quite the social butterfly. Douglas is definitely best friend material—you’ll never be lonely with this sturdy guy by your side! 

Douglas is very loving and finds comfort in being near his favorite people. He loves to follow you around the house, sit on your lap while you work or curl up next to you on the couch. He’s a talker and will tell you lots of stories! Douglas also has an independent side and enjoys some quiet time to himself. After some social time, he’ll likely head to a secluded spot to nap for a couple hours each day.

Douglas is a playful kitty who loves all types of cat toys, especially laser toys, feather wands and anything that makes a sound. He also likes to explore around his home and absolutely loves looking out a window! He’s captivated by the birds and critters outside and enjoys scoping out the neighborhood whenever he can. He really likes having places to perch up high and would love a home with a tall cat tree or cat shelves.

Douglas gets along well with other cats and would do well in a home with another calm cat to keep him company. He would also thrive in a quiet home without other animals where he could be king of his castle! Douglas has a lot of love to give and likes to cuddle next to you at night or sleep by your feet, so we hope you don’t mind sharing the bed!

If Douglas Fur sounds like the perfect evergreen for your home, visit his profile and submit an application! 

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