Help Us Neigh-m This #RightHorse!

We recently had a very special arrival at our Equine Adoption and Transition Center pilot in El Reno, Oklahoma. We’re hard at work finding this special #RightHorse a home, but first—he needs a name! Thank you for casting your vote. 

We’ll reveal the winner later this week, but while we’re tallying the votes, we encourage you to learn more about magical Miniature Horses and meet the Minis looking for adoptive homes on our adoptable horse-listing site,

And while we don’t want to distract you from your Mini-browsing, here are a few fun facts you might not know about the breed.

Miniature Horses are actually just that—a breed of horse!

Miniature Horse Bruce Almighty is just 37” tall.

Technically speaking, Miniature Horses are the smallest breed of horse in the world, measuring no taller than 38”. A bonus fact: most horses are measured in a unit called “hands,” which is the equivalent of four inches. Miniature Horses, however, are typically measured in inches.

Miniature Horses have several superpowers and live longer than the average horse.

(Just ask Shyann, who recently celebrated her 25th birthday!)

Miniature Horses often live to be 25-35 years, as opposed to horses who typically live to be between 20-30.

Another superpower of these tiny equines is their ability to be trained for therapy.

Due to their size and nature, many Minis are successfully trained as therapy horses. Have you ever seen a Mini on duty before?

Miniature Horses are bound to bring smiles and are very trainable, making them well-suited to careers in therapy.

Miniature Horses aren’t the only miniature horse breed.

Given their small size, it only makes sense that there’s room in the spotlight for two diminutive horse breeds. The Argentinian Falabella has been selectively bred for more than 150 years. 

Adoptable #RightHorse Fern is a Miniature Horse, one of the two breeds of tiny horses, the other being a Falabella!

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