Help Farm Animals and Get a Free Tote Bag!

Be a voice for farm animals during our Protect Farm Animals Week of Action, April 24-28, 2023! Take one simple action each day urging Congress to prioritize farm welfare in the 2023 Farm Bill and receive a limited edition ASPCA tote bag.

More than 9.5 billion chickens, turkeys, pigs and cows are slaughtered every year for food in the United States. Animal raised in industrial facilities are trapped in barren, crowded environments where they are unable to carry out even their most basic, natural behaviors. But factory farms also hurt farmers, workers, public health and the environment.

As the factory farm system continues to grow, Americans are increasingly concerned about the impacts of this cruel industry, citing animal welfare, worker safety, public health risks and the environment as top concerns. It is critical that we take immediate action to reform our food system.

Luckily, Congress has the power to use the Farm Bill to help move the nation toward a more humane food system in which farm animals live better lives, communities have access to healthy food, farmers make decent livings for themselves and their families, and the surrounding natural environments are sustained for generations to come.

Monday, April 24 = Action 1: Email Your Members of Congress 
We all have lobbying power! Call on your federal lawmakers to reform our farming system and reflect Americans’ concern and compassion for the billions of animals raised for food each year. Visit our Advocacy Center to send a pre-drafted email today.

Tuesday, April 25 = Action 2: Leverage the Power of Social Media 
We’ve created a Social Media Toolkit to make it easy to share the importance of passing legislation to protect farm animals and building a more humane food system. See the toolkit [PDF] and start sharing. 

Wednesday, April 26 = Action 3: Place a Good Ol’ Fashioned Phone Call 
Members of Congress still heavily rely on constituent phone calls to gauge your level of interest in different issues. Use our easy look-up tool to find the phone numbers for your U.S. representative and two U.S. senators. Then place polite, quick phone calls to their D.C. offices*. You can say something like:

Hello, my name is [first and last name], and I’m calling from [your town]. As your constituent, I’m calling today to urge Senator/Representative [lawmaker’s last name] to include provisions from the Farm System Reform Act and the Industrial Agriculture Accountability Act in the 2023 Farm Bill to better protect farm animals, farmers and the communities that surround farms. Thank you for your time and consideration.”

*Don’t worry—you won’t be asked questions about your request—a staff member will most likely write down your message and let you know they’ll pass it along to their boss.

Thursday, April 27 = Action 4: Use Your Local Paper to Spread the Message
Letters to the editor are powerful! Not only do they grab the attention of lawmakers, they’re also an excellent way to educate your community. Use our easy Letter to The Editor Toolkit [PDF] to write your letter. 

Friday, April 28 = Action 5 (You’re almost there!): Bring Your Favorite Store on Board
Now that you’ve taken four impactful steps to urge Congress to protect farm animals, it’s time to urge grocery chains and restaurants to do the same through their purchasing power! Most national food retailers still do not carry a full range of higher-welfare options for consumers, and we know the demand exists. Use our simple Bring Your Store on Board instructions to take action today. Together, we can create a marketplace where people can easily buy food that aligns with their personal values. 

If you are a superstar farm animal advocate and take all five actions during Protect Farm Animals Week of Action, either one a day or all five at once, thank you! Simply fill out this short form so we know where to send your gift [while supplies last].

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