Five Ways to Help Adoptable Horses Without Adopting

You might not be in the position to adopt a horse right now, but you can still have a horse-sized impact on adoptable equines. We need your passion and expertise in order to reach the ASPCA’s goal of massively increasing horse adoption!  

Here are five ways you can make a difference for adoptable horses: 

  • Foster
    If you have space in your pasture or would be willing to board a horse at a local boarding barn, fostering could be a great option. Each ASPCA Right Horse Partner handles fostering a bit differently, but most organizations assume the costs of all farrier and veterinary care while you perform the daily care and provide housing. You’ll also get to help find your foster horse a wonderful adopter. What could be more rewarding than helping a horse find a home? 

  • Volunteer
    Share your time and talents with a local horse rescue. Many organizations rely on volunteers and are always looking for help. Even better, many of our Partners have programs for volunteers to learn about horses and improve their handling skills.

    Can’t find an ASPCA Right Horse Partner in your community? Consider volunteering virtually! Adoption organizations often need help managing social media, marketing their horses, applying for grants and organizing events, most of which can be done from a distance!  

  • Spread the word
    Many people don’t realize that they can adopt a horse. Help your animal-loving circle become aware of equine adoption efforts by sharing with them. You never know—you might be the spark that saves a life and connects a horse to a wonderful home. 

  • Share a horse
    Help connect a horse to their perfect home by sharing their listing with your digital circle. Bringing visibility to available horses may be the single most powerful thing you can do to help horses.  

  • Donate
    Of course, a monetary donation is always appreciated to help support the training and care of adoptable horses, but you can also donate items! If you’re a horse owner, clear out your tack trunk and donate your gently loved so tack and apparel to your local shelter. 

If you’re feeling inspired and decide you’re ready to adopt a horse of your own, visit to browse hundreds of adoptable horses nationwide by breed, gender or discipline.

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