DIY Dog Treats Your Pooch Will Love

Your pal will beg for these DIY dog treats!

Whether pedigree or lovable mutt, every dog deserves DIY dog treats. There are times in a dog’s day when he just wants to unwind with a little something satisfying on his tummy. The next time your fluffy bestie stares at you with those big brown eyes pleading for light snack, why not reward him with something you made with lots of love and your own two hands?

DIY dog treats are gaining in popularity as proud pet parents seek healthy and cost-effective ways to pamper their fur babies. The internet is rich with recipes for hearty treats that you can make at home and we’re going to share a few of those with you today. While store-bought treats are usually fine, every dog owner should have a few homemade recipes on hand for special occasions. DIY dog treats are also an excellent way to avoid health hazards due to pet treat recalls and ingredients that may harm your precious pooch.

Venison DIY Dog Treats

First on our list is a tasty treat discovered on the Missouri Department of Conservation’s website. While the site features an array of venison recipes for humans, we deeply appreciate that they’ve also included a little something for the pups…venison dog biscuits. Your dog will love discovering the food of his ancestors with this tasty recipe!

According to the website, all you’ll need for this favorite among DIY dog treats is the following:

  • Whole wheat flour
  • Cornmeal
  • Wheat germ
  • Ground venison
  • Vegetable oil
  • An egg
  • Beef broth
  • Salt

Cooking time is around a half hour and don’t be surprised if you find your dog pacing around the oven in anticipation. Be sure to make enough to store for later just in case he gets hooked…which we think he will! You can check the entire recipe out for yourself here. And for you visual learners, the Missouri Department of Conservation was kind enough to provide a video so that you can watch the DIY dog treats being made. We just hope that the original video didn’t take too long to record because the little guy watching these DIY dog treats in the making looks like he’s about to burst with anticipation!

Dogs Like Comfort Foods, Too!

Your pooch has a sweet tooth and enjoys comfort foods as much as you do. So, why not prepare some healthy DIY dog treats to help him with his cravings? No need to head to the supermarket or even research which brand is healthiest and safest for your pet. In scouring the internet Fetch! Pet Care has discovered a gem courtesy of the Franklin County, Ohio website. Here you’ll find a whopping 4 DIY dog treats to satisfy your pup’s sweet urgings with natural ingredients you can feel good about. Here are the recipes you’ll find when you follow this link:

  • Apple Cinnamon Drops
  • Darlene’s Favorite Dog “Cookie”
  • Pumpkin Dog Treats
  • Low Fat Carrot Dog Treats

While we don’t recommend doing so with store-bought treats, we’ll bet you’ll want to take a bite or two out of these DIY dog treats yourself! Each recipe will smell super scrumptious while baking. Just remember that these are for the dog and not for you and the kids, so take it easy on the taste testing!

Remember Safety First

When preparing DIY dog treats, food handling and safety rules still apply. Thoroughly wash your hands and all cooking surfaces both before and after preparation. Be sure to also thoroughly cook your dog treats as recommended so as to kill any bacteria and ensure your pet’s good health. As with any raw meats and eggs, keep them separate from other foods and always store foods with safety in mind.

Have a Recipe For Us?

Ever made DIY dog treats for your beloved? Do you have a favorite recipe or two you’d like to share? Your fellow dog lovers would certainly appreciate it, so please don’t leave without dropping a few tasty tidbits in the space provided below.

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