Dear Future Adopter, Love Sunshine

Hi, you must be my new family!

I’m Sunshine and I cannot wait to spend my days and nights snuggling with you! Especially if you give me lots of belly rubs and tell me just how much you love me because those are my favorite things! 

I have a short list of requests for you if you take me home—I hope it’s not too much to ask for! First, I’d love an endless bucket of affection, or as much as you’re able to share with me. Then, a warm lap to sit on would be wonderful. And last but not least, my dream is to have an abundance of stuffed toys! 

Whether you’re watching TV, eating dinner, catching up on work or tidying up around the house, I’m more than happy to just sit with you. I’m a quick learner too, so I’ll be sure to give you polite high-fives when we’re celebrating all the best things in our new life together! We’ll make so many wonderful memories together that we’ll have to jot them down and make scrapbooks together, so we don’t forget anything!

My friends here at the Adoption Center say that I will need to be the only pet in your home. I just love being the queen of the castle! Also, I would live my best life in a quieter neighborhood and with a family who is comfortable continuing my training and guidance, so that I can be my best doggy self. A fenced-in yard would be extra great! The Matchmaking team would love to talk with you about whether your home is the right fit for my wonderful self!

As soon as we see each other, I already know it will be love at first sight. You’ll soon learn that I have an enormous heart and I’m devoted to my people—that’s you! Every day, I’ll be sure to show you how much you mean to me. All you need to do now is visit my profile and fill out my adoption application. Soon enough, I’ll be cuddled up beside you, resting easy because I’m finally home!

With Love and Lots of Kisses,

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