Could Griffin Be Your Guy?

How could he not be? I mean, look at that face! As you can tell, Griffin is a handsome man, but what you can’t see is that he enjoys the quiet things in life. He’d love a peaceful home with a patient adopter willing to help him come out of his shell. And what’s your reward for helping? A best friend of course! 

Griffin was a bit overwhelmed at our shelter, so he’s found a place where he’s able to lounge to his heart’s content—a foster home! And while it’s been great to enjoy the finer things in life—like being around his foster while eating and playing with his favorite toys—he’s ready to find a home to call his own. 

This home would ideally include an adopter ready to take things slow—he’s still getting used to being pet—and children eight years and up (or none at all). Griffin can be a little picky about his fellow kitty friends, so if you have another cat in the home, our Matchmakers would be happy to give you more information. 

If Griffin sounds like your new kitty, and you live in the tri-state area, check out his profile to complete an application!

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