BFFs Bolt and Wiggle Are the Purrfect Balance!

Some cats like to Wiggle around, some like to Bolt across the house—why not get one of each? New York-natives, Wiggle and Bolt have formed a perfect, adorable balance! Bolt and Wiggle cannot imagine life without each other, so they must go home together. 

Bolt is a very handsome tuxedo cat, and his foster says that once he settles in, he is the life of the party! You’ll find Bolt chasing a wand toy, living up to his name and bolting around the room, over and under furniture and jumping high into the air, showing Wiggle that life in a comfy human home is a blast! When we introduced Bolt to Wiggle at the Adoption Center, he knew that his mission would be to teach Wiggle that playing, petting and being around people is FUN! 

Wiggle is a big fluffball and a bit more laid-back than his partner in crime. Wiggle relies on Bolt to let him know when things are safe. He prefers the quieter things in life and an adopter who can give him treats, let him window-watch and snooze the day away.

They say it takes two to tango, and no one knows this better than Wiggle and Bolt! This dynamic duo is looking for a home with teens and up and an adopter who can give them the time to adjust to a new home.

If you’re ready for Bolt and Wiggle, and you live in the tri-state area, check out their profiles to complete an application! 

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