Become One with Unity!

This sassy little kitty, Unity, likes things her way. Unity can be found dashing around the apartment every morning, anticipating her breakfast. But all that spazzing out leaves her tired in the afternoon, so she’s sure to be snoozing the day away within her people’s vicinity. 

When she’s not sleeping, Unity loves attention and pets, as long as it’s on her terms. Boundaries are important to this independent gal, so be sure to ask permission before smothering her in affection! For her day-to-day, Unity is happy to explore her surroundings, play with toys–especially those of the jingle or mouse variety–or hang out on a cat tree or windowsill. 

Unity is looking for an adopter who is ready to look past her medical needs and love her for the kitty she is. Unity has experienced chronic vomiting and has been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease, a common disorder seen in cats. She’s currently taking medications and eating a special diet which will both need to be continued long-term in her new home, but she’s doing great with it! But a family ready to continue working with an outside veterinarian post-adoption is a must. 

All in all, Unity is a terrific, funny kitty companion who deserves all the love and care in the world. She would make a great fit for many different types of families as long as they’re ready for a little bit of sass and a lot of love in their lives. 

If Unity sounds like your kind of gal, visit her profile to fill out an application!

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