Are You Ready to Take a Ride with Skateboard?

Rescued from suspected dogfighting in 2021, this North Carolina-native can’t wait to get out there and shred life with you! Despite her rough start, Skateboard’s exuberance and goofiness just can’t be dampened. She loves to play with other dogs, snuggle with her favorite people and chew on her toys like there’s no tomorrow! 

Hanging with her canine friends will make Skatie’s tail wag a mile a minute and having a confident dog around makes her feel more comfortable in new situations. Once she gets to know you, Skatie enjoys getting scratches from her favorite people and will even snuggle up for naptime. 

Skateboard is still working on her anxiety in new spaces—and with a past like hers, can you blame her? She’s never had a loving home before, so some “normal” dog things may be new for her, like walking outside, especially in busy areas. That’s why Skatie is looking for a patient, compassionate family in the Asheville, North Carolina area to take things at her pace and help her feel safe and loved.

In addition to a kind family, Skatie would love to have a canine pal, lots of chew toys and her favorite treat, cheese in her new home! She had surgery in September on a luxating patella and is acing her physical therapy—like her name implies, she’s an athlete at heart! Skatie is hoping her new family can continue helping her heal and grow stronger. 

To learn more about this loveable, silly girl, check out her profile!

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