An Adoption Affaire to Remember!

From April 13-16, thousands of horse enthusiasts gathered in Columbus at the Ohio State Expo Center for the 64th Equine Affaire event, which is a twice-yearly gathering for equine clinics, demonstrations, shopping and horse adoptions.

“At its core, Equine Affaire is all about nurturing and sharing a mutual passion for the horse through education, entertainment, competitions, community and more,” explained Coagi Long, president of Equine Affaire, Inc. “We believe that one of the best ways to nurture and share a love for horses is by making connections.” 

Putting words into action, Equine Affaire welcomed the third ASPCA Right Horse Adoption Affaire to its list of special events. Equine adoption is less common than dog and cat adoptions. That’s quickly changing with events like the Adoption Affaire, which educates and inspires the horse-loving community to consider adoption as a smart, sustainable and humane way to acquire a horse.

“Thanks to the monumental efforts of nine ASPCA Right Horse Partners who answered the call, an unprecedented 70% of the nearly 40 adoptable horses brought to the Adoption Affaire were connected to their right home!” shared Tom Persechino, ASPCA Senior Director of Equine Welfare. “This is a testament to the growing popularity of adoption and that these transitioning horses are just as suitable as all other horses. We’re now looking forward to our Adoption Affaire this November in Massachusetts.” 

A Horse for Evelyn

Over the weekend our adoptable horses participated in two showcases held in the main coliseum, where they showed off their skills and personalities to prospective adopters. This led to parades of people visiting the Adoption Affaire stalls, meeting Partners—and many, like Nikki and her daughter Evelyn, finding their right horse. Nikki adopted Miss Lady, who traveled to the event from the ASPCA Equine Transition and Adoption Center in Oklahoma.

“We went to Equine Affaire not intending to bring home a horse—but when you find the right horse, you just have to go with it,” Nikki said. “Miss Lady was so sweet with my seven-year-old daughter, who was able to walk her around a busy barn with no issues at all! The ASPCA folks were so helpful as they showed us a few different horses and listened to what we were looking for. Miss Lady has been perfect since coming home and is a perfect fit for our family!”

Connecting Good People to Good Horses

The enthusiasm was palpable, especially to ASPCA Right Horse Partner Tinia Creamer of Heart of Phoenix Equine Rescue, Inc. “The adoptable horse area now feels like a place that virtually all [Equine Affaire] attendees looked forward to visiting, that most all people horse shopping toured and considered on an equal playing field, where people all happily submitted applications. The adoptable horses were not a side note—they were on par for popularity as much as any attraction present at the entire event.” 

As the Equine Affaire was winding down and horses were to travel to their new families, our Partners gathered and shared the satisfaction of knowing the message of equine welfare is reaching deep into the hearts of horse-loving people.  

Cailin Caldwell, Director of the ASPCA Right Horse Program, summarized the event: “Equine Affaire encapsulates what the ASPCA Right Horse Program is about by bringing Partner shelters together and introducing equine adoption to new audiences. Horses found wonderful new homes at the event, and hundreds more will be helped thanks to the excitement the event generated around adoption and the awareness it built around equine welfare.”

Please visit to view hundreds of adoptable equines and begin making plans to visit us this November 9-12 in West Springfield, Massachusetts for the next Adoption Affaire!

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