All Putnam Wants This Year Is a Home of His Own!

A warm cup of tea on a cold day… Reading a book with your favorite candle lit… Working on a jigsaw puzzle… 

If any of these calming activities sound like pure bliss to you, we know you’ll love kind, calm, NYC native, Putnam!

Putnam is a sweet old soul who is looking to spend quality time with an adopter who can open up their home to him and his seal-like attributes (just look at his round eyes). Putnam’s foster describes him as an excellent housedog who never jumps on furniture or people and gets along with everyone he meets! He’s always tagging along when running errands in the neighborhood, whether it’s the dentist, manicurist or grocery store. As happy as he is to travel, he is most content when he’s home napping under blankets—especially during this winter season.

Putnam is learning to enjoy alone time. In his foster home, Putnam has made it clear that he’d much rather be with his people than be alone, barking and whining when his foster family leaves. It’s important that Putnam’s new family is ready and excited to work with him on this, not leaving him alone at all for the first 24 to 48 hours or for long periods of time over the first few weeks. Lots of enrichment items and food dispensing toys will be critical for Putnam, too!

Putnam would be a great fit for most families and is even reported to be housetrained! He does well with other dogs and could likely live well with one. Putnam also has some medical needs that our staff would be happy to tell you all about!

If you’d like to make Putnam’s dreams come true, check out his profile to complete an application!

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