All Ella and Princess Want for the Holidays are Homes to Call Their Own!

Meet Ella!

Ella has won the hearts of everyone at the ASPCA Adoption Center and is sure to win yours, too! She has been described as “a wonderful dog, very well behaved and very sweet and loving” by one of our volunteers. They also describe her as “great, perfect, easy to love,” and they tell us that she absolutely loves receiving love from her people! Our Ella is mostly a low-energy, mellow gal but she does love a good walk and is incredibly well-mannered while on leash! Overall, Ella is pretty much a dream dog! She has some manageable medical needs that her new family will need to be aware of, but our staff would be happy to tell you all about Ella’s needs in her new home! 

Ella would be a great fit for most families. When it comes to other dogs, she prefers to meet them one-on-one first. She could possibly live well with another calm dog and our staff would be happy to facilitate an introduction! 

If Ella has stolen your heart like she’s stolen ours, check our her profile to complete an application! 

Meet Princess!

Princess is looking for her castle! According to her foster caregiver, she is the Princess of her household! Princess is extremely calm, friendly, gentle and easygoing. She loves to sleep and is a total couch potato. Give her a tough toy to chew on and she is content to chew on it until she falls asleep. “Princess loves to know that you love her and is incredibly well behaved,” says her foster. “She’s a joy and makes me smile every day—she’s an incredible listener! She’s the best!” 

Princess would prefer to live in a home with teens and up, and would love a home without other dogs—she’s hoping to one day get promoted to Queen of the castle! She’s also been reported to be housetrained! 

If you’re ready to bring Princess to your castle, check out her profile to complete and application! 

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