Adventurous Boy, Hank, Wants to Hang with You!

Say hello to Hank! This sweet, moon-eyed, Los Angeles native loves getting attention from his people, especially if it’s in the form of pets or chin scratches. He also loves wet food, treats and all kinds of toys—balls, feather wands, ball tracks, stuffed mice, you name it, he’ll play with it! But his favorite game of all is tug of war with his rope wand toys. 

Hank would thrive in a home with lots of space for him to run around and explore. He has lots of kitten-like energy and would love to live with another young, playful cat to keep him company. 

Hank spent time living outdoors when he was younger, but now he has come to enjoy the finer things in life since living in his foster home. Since living in a home is still new for him, Hank will need some time to settle into a new environment. He can be a bit vocal when initially getting comfortable in his new digs or if something startles him. He also likes to let out a low grumble or meow when he gets in a really good stretch. Once settled, Hank loves being held and petted. He also gets a kick out of chasing your feet when you walk by, making sure you know he’s right below you!

If you want to hang with Hank, and you live in the Los Angeles area, check out his profile to learn more!

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