5 Ways YOU Can Help Cats in Need This Month

It’s officially June, one of our favorite months of the year, because it’s Adopt a Shelter Cat Month! This month is all about looking out for our furry, feline friends in need and helping them get the second chances they deserve. But it’s not just up to us, we need YOUR help—and there are so many ways for you to get involved. Here are five ways you can make a lifesaving impact for cats and kittens this June!    

1. Adopt—Like the theme this month implies, adopting is a huge way to help vulnerable cats and kittens. June is also part of the height of feline breeding season, otherwise known as kitten season, where shelters across the country are inundated with kittens. Adopting helps to relieve the pressure felt by shelters and also means you get to bring home your new BFF! You can adopt cats and kittens through the ASPCA in New York City or Los Angeles, or through your local shelter. 

2. Foster—If you’re not ready to commit to adopting a pet just yet, try fostering! Not only does it give you the opportunity to see if you’re ready to adopt, but it gives the animals the chance to decompress outside of the shelter for a little while and experience life in a loving home. During the summer months, the need for kitten fosters is especially high, and many rescues and shelters rely on foster caregivers’ support. You can foster through the ASPCA in New York City or Los Angeles, or through your local shelter. 

3. Donate Needed Supplies or Funds—Check in with your local shelter to see if they are requesting any donations like towels, blankets or pet food. You can also donate critical supplies through our Amazon Wish Lists to our Kitten Nursery in New York City and our kitten foster program in Los Angeles. 

You can also consider becoming an ASPCA Guardian! Being an ASPCA Guardian is one of the easiest ways to make a difference for vulnerable animals year-round. If you’re able, your monthly donations can help us reach animals in need, at a moment’s notice, all across the country. 

4. Volunteer—If you’re not in the position to donate funds, try donating your time by volunteering! Shelters across the country, including ours, are always looking for volunteers. Not only are you helping out shelters in need, but you get to see adorable cats and kittens every day, what could be better? Sign up to volunteer for the ASPCA or for your local shelter today! 

5. Post on Social Media—Making a big difference is only a click away. You can use your social media channels to share content and information from our social media accounts or from your local shelters. You can help adoptable animals get the visibility they need to find their loving home. 

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However you choose to help, we are so thankful for your dedication and support for our furry friends in need!

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