You’ll Cry After Reading This Reddit Dad’s Story About Finding Out He Has an 11-Month-Old Baby

Everyone’s journey to parenthood is different. For some, it’s trying for months and testing each day until the pregnancy test is positive. For others, they go through fertility treatments, or use a surrogate, or become stepparents, or even accidentally get pregnant. This one Reddit dad shared his unique story today about finding out he is a dad to an 11-month-old baby, and his story is so incredibly heartwarming.

In the “Parenting” subreddit, a dad asked for advice after recently discovering that a one-night stand almost two years ago led to a baby.

“I recently received a message from a one-night stand saying that it’s time l met my child and start stepping up, until then I had no idea he existed,” he explained.

“I obviously asked if he could be mine and why should I believe you after keeping this from me for the last year and a half etc.,” he continued, explaining that he drove to meet with the mom and child only to “stare into the eyes of a child who looks so much like me it was almost embarrassing to bother with the test.”

“Unsurprisingly it came back this morning as a 99.99999999% match,” he wrote.

That’s gotta be shocking to say the least! To get a random text letting you know you’re a dad — and the baby is almost a year old! — would throw anyone a curveball. But this man had the best reaction: he wants to be involved, and he’s looking for guidance.

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