Why Blogger Constance Hall Is Having An Elective C-Section

Popular blogger and author Constance Hall has revealed why she’s avoiding a vaginal delivery and opting for an elective cesarean for the impending birth of her fifth child.

The 33-year-old, who is currently 36 weeks along, took to Facebook to explain that “body damage” was a driving factor behind her decision.

“One of my mates has a prolapsed arse and another has a prolapsed vag and the fact that I already have an inflamed bowel disease I just feel that I owe my anus more than this,” she wrote.

She says that when it came to the births of her four other children, her “worst vag delivery” took five months to heal from while her cesarean section took three weeks.

Although she says she doesn’t need to justify her choice, she revealed that it took some deliberation.

“Denim is all Zen and natural, he’d pull the baby out in the river and chew threw the cord if he could. So when I heard him tell me that he’d prefer I had a C section I fell a little more in love with him. It’s my decision, but his opinion counts.”

Constance says she’s scheduled in for the earliest possible date but as her previous babies were premature and her most recent labor was only 1.5 hours, she’s concerned that she’ll end up having a vaginal delivery anyway.

“I live a 1.5 hour drive to the hospital and I held back tears when the doctor warned me that there is no guarantee I’ll make it in time for my C section.

So it’s pretty clear that I’ll be giving birth in my car with my swollen rectum hanging down around my knees to one of those sumo babies that looks 6 months old.”

Plenty of Constance’s fans applauded her praising rather than denigrating c-sections.

“Every woman has the right to choose and not to feel guilty about the decision they have chosen. They shouldn’t feel like they need to justify their reasons why they did what they did. Their bodies their choice,” one commenter wrote. 

“Man, both are hard. Both hurt. There’s no “easy” way of getting out of child birth,” another said. 

“I’ve no idea why people assume a c section is the easy way out. It’s not. It’s bloody massive surgery!” a commenter wrote. 

Fingers crossed everything goes to plan, Constance. 

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