What Are Your Kids Doing on New Year's Eve?

Are you, like us, facing the fact that the New Year’s Eves of yore (you know, going out to party past midnight with actual humans outside your home, drinking your way to a new year and waking up the next morning with only a vague idea of what year it actually is) are behind you? Have you, like us, been largely at home with kids for what seems like forever? Are the only bottles you pop full of … milk? And actually, do you still wake up with only a vague idea of what year it is — but for entirely different reasons? Fear not: It is still possible to make Dec. 31 an event and put together some New Year’s Eve fun for the whole family.

Think the kids won’t last until midnight? That there’s no time to shop or put anything together? Well, you’re probably right, but luckily for you, we’ve gathered up eight family-friendly New Year’s Eve ideas you can throw together last-minute for a totally legit New Year’s Eve.

Stage a fun family photoshoot

You know you didn’t get your stuff together in time to take holiday photos this year; we’re right there with you. Now’s the perfect time to get dolled up and enlist a friendly local photographer (read: neighbor/partner/Grandma) to take some glam fam shots. Or you could go the legit photographer route and hire an affordable professional for a photo session courtesy of Shoott. 

Hot cocoa bar instead of bubbly


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Sure, the bubbly is great, but if you let the kids put together a hot chocolate bar à la a pimp your Prosecco bar to deck out their own mug of steaming goodness, they’ll be sure to love it — and put on way too many sprinkles. But that was a given. Put out a mug of cocoa for each child and some small bowls of marshmallows, sprinkles and cans of whipped cream for the ultimate in decadent chocolaty treats.

Ball-shaped piñata


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Instead of waiting for the ball to drop, have your own twist on the ball drop by using a disco ball piñata (pick one up at your local party store, or snag one for $39.99 at Amazon). You know your kiddos will go to town beating the crap out of it, and if they each take turns taking a swing every half-hour, it’ll be a way to pass the time until the real thing. The sugar when they finally do break it open will help too.

Dress to impress

Who says adults are the only ones who get to dress up to welcome 2023? Bust out the dress-up trunk (or just let the kids ransack your closet) for the fanciest getup they can find. Lay out some lipstick and nail polish you’re not using anymore, and voilà — instant glam. Don’t forget to document it with a little fashion show and lots of pictures to put in their high school yearbook. I mean, to commemorate the occasion.

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