Victoria Beckham Was Mom-Shamed for this Shirtless Brooklyn Selfie

It’s no secret that Victoria Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham are close. (Come on, she took him as her date to an Elton John ball last month.) So it makes sense that when she recently needed a ride around town, she would ask her 19-year-old son for a lift. What she didn’t ask for, however, was the mom-shaming.

On Wednesday, Victoria took to her Instagram to share a sweet selfie of her and her eldest son hanging out in a car. The picture featured Victoria with off-white manicured nails and a summer tan as a shirtless Brooklyn sat next to her, presumably in the driver’s seat. It was a cute family snap (fans could even see one more of the Beckham children’s legs in the background), yet many tried to ruin the moment by mom-shaming Victoria for… Brooklyn’s tattoos?

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Specifically, the mom-shamers were concerned that Brooklyn had “too many” tattoos and criticized Victoria for allowing her son to ink so much of his body. The comments ranged from questions about whether Victoria knew about all of Brooklyn’s tattoos to haters criticizing not only Brooklyn’s looks but also his dad’s. A few comments included:

“Don’t have too many tattoos Brooklyn you’re stuck with em when they’re no longer fashionable x”

“Why kids does parents mistakes ? Horrible tattoo. Looking very old fashion”

“It is hard to critize your sons many tatoos,when was has so many !!”

“Did you approve all those tattoos?”

“Brooklyn. You. Shouldn’t. Have tatoos. Keep yr sk8n healthy. Your dad’s look terrible.”

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Fortunately, many of Victoria’s fans came to her defense and shut the trolls down for commenting on her mothering. “Who are you to comment on somebody else’s parenting skills? Last time I looked her children all seem happy and well cared for. Can you say the same about your sprogs?” one person commented.

And that commenter is right. We know nothing about Victoria and Brooklyn’s relationship and we have no right to criticize her parenting. Also, um, Brooklyn’s body is his own and he doesn’t need anonymous haters on the internet telling him what to do with it. Leave the Beckhams alone and allow them to enjoy their family time without the criticism, please.

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