Tia Mowry Reveals Her Non-Traditional Parenting Choice

Tia Mowry is no stranger to being open about her experience as a mom. So recently, when she stopped by People magazine’s weekly live show, People Now, she didn’t hold back when asked about her least traditional parenting choices.

“My son was in our bed until he was four,” she told the show’s host.

She was quick to add that her husband, Cory Hardrict, was also on board with this plan, and also said that they are still cosleeping with their one-year-old, Cairo.

While cosleeping is not always the right choice for all families, many moms find that it offers both them and their children many benefits. That said, many parents choose to also transition their children into a crib or bed before they become toddlers. But cosleeping, even with older kids, may be more common than we realize—we just don’t want to talk about it. Some studies have shown that cosleeping is underreported because parents don’t want to admit they do it. In other words, Mowry might be in a bigger group of moms than she realizes.

One big reason bedsharing with a baby is taboo is that it has been linked to sleep-related deaths although there are certain safety precautions parents can take to reduce the risk). But with toddlers and older children, perhaps a bigger concern of bedsharing is that parents may complain about lack of sleep with an additional tossing and turning body, as well as lack of intimacy with a partner.

As to the concern for when Mowry and Hardrict get “alone time?”

“There are other rooms in the house!” she laughed, adding that there is some excitement to finding different times of day to have sex, not just at night.



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