Thomas Rhett's Baby Turns 1, & the Pics Are Beyond

What’s a first birthday without a grubby, happy, cake-covered baby? Thankfully, country singer Thomas Rhett has some photos that fit the bill, as his little girl, Ada James, looks like she dove into her birthday cake face-first. 

It looks like Ada really enjoyed her Coco-themed birthday cake. The dark blue frosting totally got everywhere, including her face (of course), her fancy white shirt that says, "One," and her white high chair… even the seat. She looks pretty pleased with the whole situation, with her sparkly "1" birthday hat on her head and a huge, cake-fueled smile on her face. 

Thomas Rhett’s family is just more adorable with each Instagram shot he posts (I mean, check out this amazing matching swimsuit shot!). The couple adopted their older daughter, Willa Gray, from Uganda, and it was during the lengthy adoption process that his wife, Lauren Akins, discovered she was pregnant. In fact, it was during her third trimester that the adoption went through. Akins had to fly home to get a checkup, but Akins’ mom and dad were able to bring Willa home to her new parents. 

Let’s hope these parents continue to post super-charming photos of the girls as they grow. While Ada may not be smashing her face into a birthday cake when she’s a teenager, these treasured family photos are certainly something to look forward to — and look back on — as the years go by. 

Rhett told People, "Before you become a dad, you talk to other dads and moms and everybody is like, ‘Dude, soak it in because it’s going to go fast. And somebody told me this quote: ‘The days are long and the years are short.’ I don’t think you fully understand what that means until you have kids."

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