This Toddler Gave His Dad a ‘Gift’ by Scribbling on the Walls & Reddit Praises the Mom’s Calm Reaction

Toddlers have the sweetest hearts. They’re often the first to share their soggy, half-eaten cookie with you or give you a big snotty-nosed kiss when you’re feeling down. These acts of love may be messy — but they’re delivered with the best intentions. Most of the time, this is cute, but sometimes your toddler can go too far. This one mom on Reddit shared how her 3-year-old son scribbled all over the walls as a “gift” to his dad, and people took to the comments to praise her for staying calm.

“I’ve been painting a mural for my unborn baby’s nursery and my son (3M) has been watching and helping me do it,” the mom wrote on the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit. “He knows it’s a gift for his little brother and he wanted to do the same for his dad so he went into his home office and scribbled all over the walls while my mother-in-law was watching him.”

OK, you can’t deny this is sweet. He’s helping his mom paint a mural (on the walls!) for his new baby brother. Everyone is so excited about the baby, and he’s probably having a blast helping out. So, he wanted to show his dad he loved him too, so he goes to do the same thing. It show initiative and creativity and love — but it’s also so damn annoying, too.

Let’s just say, her husband was not impressed. “When we saw what he had done, our son was really excited but I think my husband was in shock because he was just looking at the scribbles without saying anything,” the mom continued. So she did the first thing that popped in her head: “I told my son good job and that it looked really pretty but he needed to use paper next time instead after he said he made a present for his dad.”

I love how she isn’t discouraging his artistic side or his motivation to give his dad something, but she’s still gently correcting him and telling him to use paper. It’s annoying, sure, but also kinda cute. Unfortunately, the husband didn’t agree.

“My husband never said anything in front of our son but when we were alone, he was upset that I said ‘good job’ to him because he doesn’t think I should be praising him for vandalising his office,” she wrote.

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