This Bug Bite Remedy From 'Shark Tank' Has More Than 88K Rave Reviews & It’s Only $7 on Amazon Prime Day

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It’s that time of year. The time for letting your kids run around at dusk, for picnic dinners, for making s’mores around a fire. And what all of that means is that it’s also the time of year for mosquito bites. It *ahem* sucks for an adult to get a mosquito bite, but at least [most] adults can control the urge to itch. But with kids, the scratch, scratch, scratching doesn’t stop. And neither does the whining. And that’s fair! Because there is nothing fun about getting a bug bite.

You’re probably familiar with the various ointments that relieve the itching, but what you might have missed is the Bug Bite Thing. It was pitched on Shark Tank in Oct. 2019 by a mother-daughter duo who recreated a suction device that removes the saliva or venom that causes the itching and swelling. QVC’s Lori Greiner invested, and the rest is history.

All people have to do is place The Bug Bite thing over the bite, slowly pull up the handle until they feel suction, hold for 10-20 seconds, and then release. There’s also a “stinger scraper” in case the insect leaves something behind, and a keychain hole so users don’t forget to bring this little gizmo with them.

The Bug Bite Thing is available in more than half a dozen colors, and the black one is currently on sale for $7 on Amazon Prime Day. Not an Amazon Prime Member yet? Be sure to sign up HERE to take advantage of all the great Amazon Prime Day 2023 deals available right now.

More than 88 thousand shoppers gave this best-selling product positive, honest reviews. Because while the product isn’t a cure-all (few things are), it does provide some much-needed relief (which I can attest to!).

“I’m one of those lucky people who mosquitos love,” one Amazon shopper said. “This product stopped the relentless itch of a particularly nasty bite on my leg more quickly and efficiently than any cream has. It even helped the bite heal faster.”

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