These Reddit Parents Are Definitely Getting a Lump of Coal in Their Stocking for Trying to Avoid Their Kids on Christmas Day

Christmas is almost here, a magical time of gifts, good food, and Grinchy parents who don’t even want to see their kids on one of the most wonderful days of the year. Wait…what?

In the “Am I The A—hole?” subreddit, a 21-year-old babysitter took to Reddit to complain about the family she works for wanting her to work on Christmas — so they didn’t have to see their kids. I get if you are a first responder and can’t get off that day, but this is something else completely.

The babysitter wrote that when she started working for this “great family” back in March, she included a list of days the rest of the year where she couldn’t work, including Christmas Day (and New Year’s Eve/Day). “They said that these days were fine and for those days they can get someone to stand in,” she continued. All was fine until they messaged her a few days before Christmas asking “if I could babysit their 3 kids (12M 9M and 3F) on Christmas day from 3pm-9pm.”

“I asked if they were joking, and they said no,” she continued. “They said every other person they’ve asked has also said no to which i replied ‘well they would because its Christmas day’.”

This is so strange, right? Why would you need a babysitter on Christmas Day? Apparently, they were desperate as “they began to beg and said that they’d offer me $50 more than they would any other day. Again, I responded no.” $50? Please, don’t insult her.

She continued in her vent: “The days i have strictly given them are the days that I want off so I can spend time with friends and family. And Christmas is the only day my family can get together and spend time with each other.”

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