These Marie Kondo-Inspired Kids' Rooms Will Give You Life

Waking up in a clean house may feel amazing, but for those of us who aren’t organizational experts, there’s nothing “magical” about tidying up, especially when it comes to dealing with all of our kids’ stuff. Toys scattered across the playroom, books strewn across the floor, clothes wadded up in the corner — at some point, it starts to seem like all of this junk multiplies as quickly as a wet Gremlin. It may seem surprising, then, that some people have transformed clutter into bliss by designing Marie Kondo-inspired kids’ rooms.

Decluttering your space can seem like a daunting task, but it’s not impossible. Before you start frantically tossing everything that “doesn’t spark joy” into the bin, spend some time envisioning your ideal kids’ spaces. Would you like something playful and colorful, or do you prefer more neutral tones? Do you want your kid-friendly storage to stand out, or would you instead use materials that blend in with the rest of your decor?

Below, we’ve gathered 10 Instagram pictures of gorgeous kids’ bedrooms and playrooms to kick-start your virtual vision board and help you examine what you need and don’t to create functional, clean, and beautiful spaces for your little ones.

Blushing Baby Sanctuary

It’s hard to imagine ever feeling stressed out in this adorable nursery. The soft blush pinks, natural wood furniture, and woven storage bins project a sense of calm while still providing plenty of personality.

Classic Jurassic

Neutral doesn’t have to mean boring. Instagram user @tthese_beautiful_things livened up her toddler’s bedroom with pops of color in the bedspread and toys. While things have their places on shelves and hooks, the room still provides creative minds space to play and grow.

Color-Coded Shelving

Getting kids to help tidy their spaces can be harder than getting them to eat their veggies without complaining, which is to say, nearly impossible. But @LifeInJeneral may have found the most fool-proof (and pretty!) solution: color-coding the bookshelf. Not only will kids learn to place their books back on the shelf after they’re done reading them, but they’ll also practice identifying and sorting their colors. Pairing household chores with educational activities is a win in our books!

Livin’ La Vida Label

If you’re someone who needs to know exactly where everything goes (or, conversely, someone who loses track of everything), this labeling method from @SweetHomeStyling is what you need.

Work-Sleep Balance

As kids grow up, so too should their surroundings. Lifestyle blogger Jaci Daily transformed her tween son’s room into a sophisticated space where he can sleep, kick back with friends, and do his homework in style. Not even our college dorm rooms looked this chic!

Numbers, Patterns, & Colors — Oh, My!

Let’s face it: no matter how much you clean, your kids’ playroom is never going to be spotless for long, which is why @Kate_Decorates‘ wall sign — “Sorry about the mess but we are learning here — is so perfect. Of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t try to keep most of the books and toys in their rightful place with storage-cube shelving and fun canvas baskets.

Bohemian Dreams

You don’t have to fill your kids’ rooms with lots of stuff to make an impact. This toddler bedroom from @Christine_simplybloom — which features dreamy colors, sweet accessories, a couple of shelves and storage baskets — speaks volumes with its simplicity.

Curated Closet

There’s no way kids’ clothing closets could ever stay tidy, right? Wrong! The brilliant minds behind @TheHomeEdit — the same ones who organized Mindy Kaling’s nursery — show that kids’ rooms can look polished and sophisticated with a little help from some storage containers, labels, and just the right amount of trendy threads. Stare at this photo long enough, and before you know it, you’ll be ready to Kondo your kid’s wardrobe!

Shoot for the Stars

Adding eye-catching details, like this mural of stars on the ceiling from @SteeleStreetStudios, can have a huge impact while taking up no extra space. Adding a few items, like a couch, a table, shelves, and toys, allow the room to feel playful and functional for play dates.

Zen Out

This is not your mother’s version of 50 shades of grey. The soft color scheme in @_honeypunch‘s kids’ room is sweet and age-appropriate. With floor pillows, a desk, and a swing, we’d never want to leave this little sanctuary!

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