These Baby Pics of Chrissy Teigen & John Legend & Their Kids Are Identical

Chrissy Teigen and John Legend are living their best lives. Legend is officially the first Black American to win an EGOT. Teigen is about to release her latest cookbook and, together, they have arguably two of the cutest kids in Hollywood. Yes, they’re fortunate. But I’d argue it’s their kids, Miles and Luna, who are the lucky individuals — especially after both Legend and Teigen shared proof that their kids are essentially their miniature clones.

On Wednesday, Legend posted a side-by-side comparison of his 4-month-old son and himself as a baby. Both images depict a naked little one perched on a blanket and looking off into the distance (probably contemplating how to become one of the most talented men on Earth). "Miles inherited my love for lying on mustard colored blankets," Legend captioned the image. 

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But it looks like he inherited a lot more than that from his famous dad. If it weren’t for the photo quality, we might have a hard time even distinguishing the two babies from each other. Just look at those precious cheeks and rolls! 

You might be thinking, "OK, we all know that John Legend looks like many babies, so it’s not too surprising he looks like Miles. But how do Teigen and her daughter stack up?" And to that, I present you with the following post of both Teigen and Luna honoring their Thai roots in colorful dresses.

It’s so cute it hurts. 

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Looks are probably not the only things Miles and Luna will take on from their parents. We’re guessing the kids will also grow up to be strong, talented individuals who feel free to pursue their passions, whether they love singing, cooking, modeling or something else entirely. And we already know they’re going to follow in their parents’ footsteps and use their privilege to fight for the voiceless and oppressed. After all, the tots have already advocated to keep families together by making sizable donations and attending rallies. 

Should Teigen and Legend decide not to have more kids of their own, we’d be more than willing to fill the role. 

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