The Best Gifts for Baby's First Holiday Season

Got an adorable newborn in your life? The holidays are for gift-giving, and that holds true even if that cute bundle of joy isn’t big enough to unwrap their present. And this has been a banner year for baby stuff — from the cutest clothes to engaging toys, there are plenty of useful gifts to give to a brand-new human.

Plenty of new parents already registered for/received a lot of baby “necessities” (if you can call them that), but that doesn’t mean you’re out of luck; there are plenty of items Baby will love that their parents likely haven’t thought of. And as that baby grows, parenting (and shopping for the baby) is an ever-moving target. These items will stand the test of time, and kiddo will be able to use quite a few of them well into next year.

Regardless of which holiday(s) this particular baby celebrates (hey, newborns love Festivus just as much as the rest of us), these gifts will make this year memorable.

Organic Swaddle

Swaddles are great for infants of all ages and during any season. These feature a wide range of adorable designs for boys and girls.

Organic swaddle, $34 at Dolly Llama Kids


It’s a bib; it’s a drool-catcher… it’s a must! The Nuscheli, which is a Swiss-German word for “blankie” or “lovey,” is made of organic, fair-trade cotton. This ample-size scarf is also different from what parents will see in stores, so it is a good choice if you want something unique. Lots of gender-neutral tones to choose from too.

Nuscheli, $26 at Hauptli Haus Kids

Sharks Nageuret

It may not be swimsuit season, but don’t let that stop you from giving this reusable one-size swim diaper. The company also launched matching rash guards if you want to complete the look. Plus, that whole baby shark thing is sooo in right now.

Sharks nageuret, $18.99 at Beau and Belle Littles

Scout’s Get Up & Go Walker

Parents love convertible toys that grow with their kids, and this toy is no exception. It is a gym and floor-play toy that converts into a walker. Locking wheels, speed control and plenty of activities to stimulate fine motor skills make this one a value that takes Baby up, up and away.

Scout’s Get Up & Go walker, $39.99 at LeapFrog

Kushies GoPillow

So long, hooter hider. This breastfeeding scarf and cover-up includes a pillow that makes it so much more. It can double as a changing surface, be used as an infant or toddler pillow or be a comfy blanket that grows with the baby.

Kushies GoPillow, $54.99 at Kushies

Bundle of Joy

Give a gift that does double-duty by giving back to others. Create a unique gift bundle of baby goods that comes in a reusable canvas gift bag. The ribbon attached signifies a donation to Operation Shower, a group that hosts baby showers for expecting military parents when their partner is serving.

Bundle of Joy, $65 at Send Ribbon

Mia Mouse Leather Moccasins

That baby may not be a Disney fan now. But if his or her parents are, this gift is sure to please. Leather moccasins that feature an image that looks a lot like our favorite mouse.

Mia mouse leather moccasins, $30 at Mia’s Mocks

Cozie Elf Suit

Is it an elf suit or a super-cozy one-piece? You decide… but this Sherpa fleece suit is ideal to keep baby warm on the coldest of days — all while looking super-cute. 

Cozie elf suit, $43 at Zutano

Majestic Gray Oval Floor Pillow

Here’s a baby lounger that the child can grow with! This cozy oval floor pillow may look appealing for a puppy as well, but it is really for babies and toddlers.

Majestic gray oval floor pillow, $159 at Pello Baby

Monogrammed Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are a staple, and little ones will enjoy this cuddly one. A neutral tone makes it good for any baby, and available embroidery lets you give it a personal touch.

Monogrammed baby blanket, $58 at Olive and Cocoa


This coordinated gift set comes with a useful set of pajamas, a teething bib and a chewy teething cube. In short, it covers all baby bases.

Bundle, $50 at Malarkey Kids

Infinifun Yoga Mat

Namaste, baby. Here’s a yoga mat for kids that will grow with them as the infant learns to crawl and stand… and hopefully master a Lotus pose.

Infinifun yoga mat, $49.99 at KD Kids

‘My Very Own Christmas’ Personalized Gift Set

Personalize a Christmas book and ornament for that special child in your life. This makes a good gift for the parents who cherish keepsakes for their kids.

“My Very Own Christmas” personalized gift set, $42.99 at I See Me

Zarbee’s Naturals Baby Bee Essentials Gift Set

New parents love to try products for their babies, and this one promotes wellness during cold and flu season — hello, perfect timing. Saline nasal mist, cough syrup and more are included.

Baby Bee Essentials Gift Set, $34.99 at Zarbee’s

Hospital Cuddle Box Deluxe

Can’t choose between that cute onesie, blanket or a hat? Get them all in one fabulous gift set. It comes with a burp cloth, blanket, stroller blanket, cap, two tops and a pair of bottoms. Perfect for an infant who recently came home for the holidays.

Hospital Cuddle Box Deluxe, $188 at Monica and Andy    

Little Adventurer Socks

You can’t go wrong with socks as a holiday gift for any age, and this collection gives baby a sleek look. Three pairs of socks in neutral tones are included.

Little Adventurer socks, $28 at UncommonGoods

Multi Reversible Play Mat

Save space in the nursery with this waterproof, washable rollout mat that can take an infant from tummy time to baby yoga. Flip it over to switch to a neutral tone or playful pattern.

Multi reversible play mat, $79.99 at BBLuv

‘Baby’s 1st Christmas’ Ornament

If that bundle of joy celebrates Christmas, a first Christmas ornament is in order. This 2018 Swarovski crystal rocking horse is an elegant gifting option to commemorate the first year in style.

“Baby’s 1st Christmas” ornament, $65 at Swarovski

Touch & Discover Sensory Turtle

Toys are an exciting gift for a baby, and this turtle is a pure sensory delight. The plush turtle has plenty of textures, colors and patterns. Plus, it turns into a ball for more play options. It lights up and plays music as well as sounds and phrases.

Touch & Discover Sensory Turtle, $19.99 at VTech

Hanukkah Footie

Christmas pajamas typically get all the attention, but this Hanukkah one-piece footie pajama really steals the show… for at least one night.

Hanukkah footie, $36 at Clover

Cotton Canvas Painting Teepee With Paint Set

For now, it may be a nursery decoration. As the child grows, however, this canvas teepee comes with paints so he or she can get creative and form their own private play space.

Cotton canvas painting teepee with paint set, $180 at Pacific Play Tents

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