Sterling Mahomes Is Blocking Out the Haters & We’re So Here for It

Sterling Mahomes tagged along with mom Brittany Mahomes and dad Patrick Mahomes to a professional tennis match, and according to Brittany’s latest Instagrom post, bringing a toddler was “not the brightest idea😂😂.” The stylish mama of two just left it at that. The mystery! The intrigue! Although we can very much imagine how it went — because as one commenter put it, “Taking a toddler anywhere has the same effect 🤪.”

What we do know is that Sterling was busy blocking out the haters (Mom included? She did lovingly put her daughter’s outfit choice on blast last week) from her seat in the stands. Or perhaps she was trying to go incognito to keep any paparazzi at bay. On Brittany’s Instagram story, the 2-year-old had her mom’s white sunglasses that were trimmed with black polka dots and adorably held them up to her tiny face *pause for dramatic effect* upside down.

Talk about a classic toddler move. The young fashion icon committed to the look, and after making a face that told her haters she means business (OK, but who could hate the firstborn from the First Family of football?), she flashed a heart-melting smile for her mom.

The fashionista also rocked pink and white bows in her hair, a plush pink jacket, and the pink version of the set she wore in her (slightly laughable) outfit last week. Sterling then expertly pushed back her still-upside-down sunglasses, showing off her baby blue eyes.

“Wow girl,” Brittany said. “That’s so cute, look at you go.”

After Patrick’s Super Bowl win, the family has been making the most of the postseason and, of course, the quarterback and his fitness trainer wife have remained active.

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