Reviewers Say This Bestselling Stroller Fan Is Great for Hot, Fussy Babies & It’s Nearly 40% Off on Amazon Prime Day

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It’s important for everyone to keep cool during the summer, but babies especially need to be protected from summer heat. Infants’ body temperatures actually rise quicker than adult temperatures do, meaning babies are more at risk for suffering from overheating and heat-related illnesses. And health aside, every parent knows one critical truth: hot babies are cranky babies, and cranky babies are bad for the whole family’s vibe. So when air conditioning isn’t an option, make sure you have a handy stroller fan like the one from AMACOOL ready to go.

The AMACOOL Battery Operated Stroller Fan is designed with babies’ health and comfort in mind. It has three speeds that range from soft to strong, and the fan blades are protected by a plastic cover that doesn’t allow little fingers to pass through the openings. The fan’s head can adjust both vertically and horizontally — and the bendable legs grab hold of stroller frames and stay there, thanks to their grippy rubber exterior.

Depending on the wind speed you choose, this fan can last up to 10 hours on a single charge and the battery can be plugged into any USB port for easy charging.


According to more than 36,800 parents who have left this stroller fan a five-star review, they can’t imagine going on summer outings without it. “These fans have been amazing,” one reviewer wrote. “I got them while pregnant to prep for my son. I primarily use them on the stroller which was what I bought them for, however, my son ended up being one of those [kids] that gets hot and sweats easily so I have one fan for the stroller and one on the backseat headrest so I can give him extra airflow as needed!”

Another mom noted that she put the AMACOOL stroller fan to use before her baby even arrived. “A must-have before baby is even here,” she wrote. “This was at my hospital bedside during birth and after for the fun hormonal hot flashes. This also was great to put on baby’s car seat on a long out-of-town medical trip.”

Great for babies and parents alike, the AMACOOL stroller fan will keep the entire family cool and happy all summer long. Grab it now while it’s marked down to just $22.39 on Prime Day!

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