Mandy Moore Opens Up About the Differences of a Second Pregnancy

First-time pregnant moms are experiencing a world of new things: first cravings, first baby kick, first sonogram, first contraction! I remember comparing my growing baby to fruit, and taking weekly bump pictures and long afternoon naps. Getting pregnant for a second (or third!) time is a little different. It’s still exciting — but you don’t always get to be as pampered or have as much time to just relax and soak it all up. Mandy Moore understands this, and she recently opened up about all the differences she’s feeling pregnant with her second boy with husband Taylor Goldsmith.

“It’s a little harder now because I have an 18-month-old toddler that I’m chasing around, so it’s not like I can nap on a whim anymore,” Moore told guest host Simu Liu on Jimmy Kimmel Live yesterday. The In Real Life singer is currently 8-and-a-half months pregnant and mom to Gus. This is so true! (And the harder-to-nap thing doesn’t really get easier when the new baby is born either.)

This time around, the This Is Us star is also appreciating the perks of being pregnant, which she knows doesn’t last long.

“But it is nice, I mean, for any of those pregnant folks out there or people who have been pregnant, everyone is so generous,” Moore continues. “Doors are open for you, seats are given for you. Once the baby comes, that’s not really…you’re on your own, for sure. So I’m really owning these last few months of being taken care of by the world.”

The one thing Moore wants to keep the same? Her enthusiasm for her son, especially when it comes to sharing his name. She told Liu that she wants to announce her new baby’s name in a creative way, just like she did when she was pregnant with Gus and gave her family a puzzle to solve with the name on it.

“I feel like we’re going to do the same for this guy,” she says. “We have decided on a name, and I just don’t want the second child syndrome to set in where, you know, you’ve gotten all of the fun stuff out of the way with the first kid. I want our second son to be like, OK, Mom and Dad really did make an effort with me as well,” she says with a smile. “So I’m sure we will find some creative way to tell our families the name before the baby comes,” she adds.

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Moore also posted about her time on Jimmy Kimmel Live on Instagram yesterday, sharing photos of her striking makeup, wavy hair, and gorgeous fitted black dress (with shoulder pads!) that shows off her growing bump. She’s even wearing strappy black heels, which is no small feat when you are that pregnant.

“Mama’s Night Out,” she captioned it. “Had fun popping on @jimmykimmellive tonight with guest host @simuliu. There might have been some singing from the ‘walk to remember’ soundtrack and it wasn’t from me…. 🤐”

Goldsmith was one of many who commented on the photo, writing, “Stunning.”

Earlier this month, Moore shared photos of Gus on Instagram, writing that she is “savoring all these moments with just the two of us.” She added, “Can’t believe this guy is going to be a big brother soon.” Aww!

Being pregnant for a second time may be more difficult, but there is one benefit: you know exactly how much the whole thing will be worth it when you finally get to meet your new baby.

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