Jennifer Garner's 'Classy' School Drop-Off Attire Is Too Relatable

Jennifer Garner is going where many celebrity moms have never gone before: to the bus stop with wet hair wearing nothing but a robe and slippers.

The actress, who shares kids Violet, 13, Seraphina, 10, and Samuel, 7, with ex Ben Affleck, took the expression “I woke up like this” to the next level on Wednesday morning as she shuffled her kids to school. “She barely made the bus on time, but at least her mother kept it classy,” Garner captioned a photo of the cozy ensemble she shared to Instagram. For good measure, she also included some praise hands, a star, and a grandma emoji. (She may not have been dressed, but there’s no arguing she’s not with the times.)

There’s so much to love about this picture. The hastily combed wet hair! The monogrammed robe (adorable)! The fact that she tagged the pottery business that made her mug! But best of all is that she said, “Screw it,” and let someone capture her in all of her disheveled glory.

My kids aren’t old enough for school drop-off yet, so most of what I know comes straight from Big Little Lies, where it’s every mom for herself in a sea of judgment. The show’s dramatization doesn’t seem that far off from reality, either. Just last year, a mom-shamer caught our attention when she posted a mean-spirited rant railing on other parents for their “rat nest hair, no makeup, eyebags” and “morning breath.” Yeah, I’m guessing she doesn’t get many invites for playdates.

Garner, however, doesn’t seem to care about what the mom-shamers might say. Hell, her skin is probably thick enough from her kids giving her mean nicknames for her to even care. Besides, judging from the dozens of comments on her post, parents, both famous and not, loved her look.

“Just reason 1000x why I love you,” celebrity health coach Kelly LeVeque wrote. Another commenter whose profile says he’s 15 put things more bluntly: “hot.”

So next time you’re feeling a little behind, just remember that none of us, truly, has it all together.

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