Jeannie Mai-Jenkins’ Daughter Monaco Twinning & Playing With Her Papa Jeezy Will Surely Warm Your Heart

While we always seem to talk about mother-daughter and father-son lookalikes, we need to show more love to the father-daughter lookalikes. Because Jeezy and Jeannie Mai-Jenkin’s daughter Monaco looks exactly like her papa!

On Feb 14, Jeezy and Mai-Jenkins uploaded a series of seriously adorable pics of Monaco and her papa onto her Instagram @monacomaijenkins. They uploaded the photos with the heartwarming caption, “Twinning with my forever Valentine. I love you Daddy🌹🌹🌹.”

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In the first photo, we see Jeezy and his lookalike daughter Monaco smiling from ear to ear as they match in red pajamas. Then we get a couple of adorable videos of Monaco looking so happy (and so stylish in her pink sweater and black sweats look), while her mama and papa shower her with rose petals.

We then end the post in the best way possible: another iconic, emotive response from Monaco. This time, he has her mouth open in astonishment, covered in petals as she stares at her parents (who are probably having a cuteness overload!)

While we see so much of her mom in her, Mai-Jenkins and many others see more of Coco’s father Jeezy in her! In an interview with People, Mai-Jenkins said, “They’re like two peas in a pod, and it doesn’t help that she looks pretty much like him. She has his eyes, she has his nose.”

Fans kept commenting under the post things like, “Yooooo she is her daddy twin ❤️❤️❤️” and “Wonder twins!! ACTIVATE!! ❤️.”

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