How Shirtless Dax Shepard Just Became the Internet's No. 1 DILF

Dad beast and actor Dax Shepard is the internet’s No. 1 DILF at the moment — thanks to a cheeky post his wife, Kristen Bell, posted on Instagram. On Sunday, Bell posted a sexy shot of Shepard in handyman mode tooling with their daughter’s pink-and-blue Paw Patrol bike. The caption? "The #dadbeast likes big butt books and fixin kids toyz."

You might need to look a little more closely at the pic to catch the "big butt" reference. Shepard — host of the popular podcast Armchair Expert — is fixing his daughter’s bike in front of The Big Butt Book 3D (and yes, we’re wondering if Bell planted it there without Shepard realizing it). Did we mention we love this couple?

Commenters on Bell’s post were quick to call out the, uh, interesting reading material:

"What the helmet is the big butt book 3d?! Lol" asked one.

"That is hilarious! And it’s on 3D, gahaha," added another.

"The Big Butt Book…in 3D, lol fat bottom girls, get on your bike and ride! (after you fix it)," someone advised.

Another posited, "That book may be why Dax spends 10 minutes longer every time he fixes things."

Shepard is clearly very content in the handyman role. A few weeks ago, he posted a pic of himself on his Instagram of him reclining in the shade on the family’s roof with some two-by-fours.

Shepard also recently posted a photo showing him fixing his Mercedes station wagon. (Nah, we didn’t know Mercedes made station wagons either.) The caption for that one? "My wife: ‘What are you doing?’ Me: ‘Saving six grand.’ Real talk, the dealer estimate was $8400!!!! For rotors, pads and sensors!!!! #dadbeast."

#DadBeast indeed. Bell and Shepard continue to be #AllTheGoals — naughty reading material included.

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