Golden Globes Commercial Shows the Raw Reality of Breastfeeding

The Golden Globes finally got real about a topic important to many moms — breastfeeding. When you’re pregnant, moms-to-be often receive unsolicited advice about breastfeeding, but no one bothers to share the challenges or realities about the situation once the baby has arrived.

Well, Frida Mom decided to help educate the world about breastfeeding during the award show and let moms know that they are not alone. The company acknowledges the hard work mothers put into feeding their babies in ways that often go unseen. From raw nipples to latch issues, no one is a “bad mom” if they go through an experience like this. The message they want to drive home is to “care for your breasts, not just your baby.”

What is shocking to believe in 2021 is that this is a big step for network television, which has traditionally shied away from anything involving breastfeeding. The taboo was finally broken with NBC taking the lead on Frida Mom’s “Stream of Lactation” ad during the Golden Globes. Sure, they blurred out the nipples or covered up the breast in the 30-second ad, but the 75-second digital ad demonstrates the raw reality of motherhood.

“We agree that the ad may push the envelope, but it is the context surrounding the visuals that makes this ad different, and we stand by it,” NBCUniversal said in a statement, per The New York Times. While NBC should be commended for airing the commercial, they shouldn’t be proud of the fact that it took so long for any network to step up and support a natural part of starting a family.

That’s why Frida Mom is standing by their unedited YouTube commercial. “The physical and emotional breastfeeding journey puts an unrivaled pressure on women to ‘perform,’ and no longer should women be expected to prioritize making milk over their own physical discomfort,” explained Frida Mom CEO Chelsea Hirschhorn said in the company’s statement.

The overall reaction on social media was pretty quiet after the commercial aired, so it looks like the networks are the ones silencing the topic. The rest of America is OK talking about the not-so-easy reality of breastfeeding.

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