Down 25 Lbs, Jessie James Decker Shows Off Her Most Toned Body Yet!

Jessie James Decker Opens a New Window. means business! Since signing on with the South Beach Diet Opens a New Window. following the birth of her third baby in April 2018, the singer has lost a whopping 25 pounds! But perhaps even more impressive: She gained plenty of muscle. In a new photoshoot for the diet, the celebrity spokesperson shows off not just her weight loss, but her majorly toned arms, legs and waist too.

“I think a lot of women obsess with the word ‘skinny.’ And if that’s your goal, that’s fine,” says Decker. “For me, I feel good being healthy and feeling fit. I prefer to have a little extra meat on my bones Opens a New Window. and muscle tone so that I have the strength to pick up and play with my kids.” The Kittenish founder, who also designs a boot line for JustFab, adds that staying body positive Opens a New Window. is emotionally important: “I don’t think we should obsess over how skinny we should be because I feel that’s an unhealthy view of how our bodies should be. I think we should focus on feeling strong and healthy and being the best versions of ourselves.”

For Decker, 30, that feeling comes courtesy of a rigorous fitness regimen. “I really love high intensity, really quick [workouts], and I like heavy weights,” the star told Us in January 2019. “My brother has a fitness program, so my brother trained me a ton, and I work out with Shawn Booth Opens a New Window. too.” In fact, the Nashville-based trainer and Bachelor alum also works with her husband, former pro football player Eric Decker.

All that activity requires plenty of nutritious food, which Decker finds with the help of South Beach Opens a New Window. — a plan similar to the celebrity-loved keto diet Opens a New Window. in its focus on high-protein, low-sugar, low-carb foods. “I never feel deprived on this program and I know I’m fueling my body with tons of good protein and veggies, which has always been key for me,” says the star, who notes she’s back to her wedding day weight of 115 pounds: “I’ve regained my confidence and have the energy I need to maintain this crazy life of mine!”

Decker loves that she can take the packaged food on the bus with her for her upcoming 2019 tour Opens a New Window. . “You can do it even when you’re not at home with the frozen meals that come to your house,” she’s told Us of South Beach. “It’s just lots of protein and vegetables.” That said, she’s not afraid to indulge when she wants. Case in point: the beloved chocolate chip cookie recipe from her Just Jessie cookbook!

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The Six-Pack of Her Dreams

With the combination of her diet and the intense exercise she prefers, Decker’s waist has trimmed down and her abs have come out. 

How She Found Her Happy Weight

“I feel really good where I’m at,” says the country star. “My goal was to be able to fit into my clothes before I had the baby. I’m now at 115 and that was my goal … I’m not going to obsess over it, but I’m just gonna maintain where I’m at and just do the best that I can.”

Believing In What She’s Doing

“I’ve even got my mom, my best friend and grandma on it,” she says of the South Beach Diet. 

Sticking to Family Dinners

“It’s not necessarily that you have to only eat these meals that deliver to your house,” Decker has told Us of South Beach. “I’m learning the proportions, and I’m learning what I can and cannot eat. So I might have South Beach for breakfast and lunch, but for dinner, I’m gonna make something for my family that we all can eat.” A favorite? Gumbo. “It is actually very lean, believe it or not. There’s only 160 calories in a cup of gumbo.”

Why She Does It

“When I’m really in shape, I just feel better and I feel like I’m a better mom to my kids,” Decker has told Us. “I think the only pressure I have is on myself, not for an aesthetic reason — ’cause I just feel better, and I wanna feel energized.”

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