Does Shay Mitchell Need to Have a C-Section? 'I Really Don't Want That'

Not according to plan. Pregnant Shay Mitchell was worried that she might need to have a C-section after finding out her baby is breech.

“I’m going to do anything,” the Pretty Little Liars alum, 32, told her mom in the Wednesday, October 2, episode of Almost Ready. “If you told me to eat a bunch of pig s–t, I would do it at this point. Whatever I have to do to flip her around so I don’t have to [have a cesarean].”

The You star got emotional ahead of her next ultrasound appointment, telling her boyfriend, Matte Babel: “I can’t even talk about this. This is actually going to make me upset. Even if [an emergency C-section] doesn’t happen today, I don’t want to have to do that. … It’s not just the surgery, it’s the recovery time. I cannot be bedridden for however long it’s going to be. I really don’t want that. If I’m in bed, I’m going to go nuts. You’ll be able to live your life and I’ll be f–king stuck after the baby is born. You can’t even lift them sometimes because it hurts so much.”

The music journalist, 38, reassured her, saying, “They’re going to spin her today. You’re worth three for three right now. Placenta’s out of the way, you have a lot of fluid and the baby’s sitting high enough. There’s no question. She’s going to turn today. If she’s already not, she’s going to turn today.”

The only thing that made Mitchell feel better? The fact that “Beyoncé had a C-section.”

With such strong feelings about not delivering naturally, the Béis creator freaked out when her doctor announced that her baby was head-down. “That worked!” she exclaimed, looking shocked. “Oh, my God. I thought that I still felt her head.”

She shared the news with her mom, singing, “Oh, my gosh, guess who turned?” over and over. “I was terrified,” she said. “I could have gone in if something went wrong.”

Mitchell and Babel announced in June that they are expecting their first child together after suffering a miscarriage in 2018.

After the Canadian actress shared a topless baby bump photo on Instagram, her boyfriend posted a separate shot from her maternity shoot, writing, “Watching the both of you grow over the past 6 months has been the most beautiful thing in the world. The strength, vulnerability and grace you’ve had during this pregnancy has left me in awe, you’re going to be an incredible mom. We’re lucky to have you, love you.

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