Children’s toys that can bust the bank!

It is not just an adult’s desires that come for a price. Whoever believed childhood was all about deriving happiness from little, simple things in life, may have not come across these extravagant gifts that have now hit the toy market for kids. You thought your child is nagging you a lot? At least, they haven’t asked you for the following expensive items, some of which could burn a massive hole in your pocket.

A Bentley toy car

A Bentley car is stylish and classy, no doubt, but this beauty comes for a huge price. We aren’t just talking about the original car but even the toy model! A Bentley toy car costs up to Rs 35,000.

Pinball machine

The only pinball game one remembers playing was the one available on your desktop by default. As simple and uncomplicated a game it might have seemed to be back then, turns out the original arcade game is quite expensive. The game can cost up to Rs 30,000.

Flying Gadgets 50cc remote control Spitfire

Flying paper or plastic planes is one thing, but buying this gas-powered RC Sptifire is nothing short of a luxurious indulgence. This toy costs about Rs 34,000. The “adult supervision required” tag on the box isn’t just for safety purposes, is it?

Scalextric digital set

If the Bentley wasn’t enough for your kid, this seemingly normal race track, with several levels of raceway, five lane changers and a pit stop, could cost you up to Rs 29,000.

Star Wars Ultimate Millennium Falcon

A Millennium Falcon may attract most sci-fi fans but before you introduce your child to this precious toy, you might need to save a lot of money for buying it. That’s because the toy costs about Rs 62,000.

Diamond Barbie

Barbie dolls are among the most common toys for children. None of the Barbie dolls have been as expensive as the Diamond Barbie designed by Stefano Canturi. It costs about Rs 39,000. The expensive Barbie wears a necklace, consisting of a three-carat white diamond and one-carat pink diamond, and dons a beautiful strapless black dress.

Gold rocking horse

Owning an original horse would be much cheaper than the golden rockingtohorse that Beyonce and Jay Z had gifted their daughter Blue Ivy Carter. The luxurious toy cost a whopping £390,000 (Rs 3,47,83,105), according to reports.

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