Cardi B Has Some Postpartum Questions for You, & BTW, Her Baby 'Broke' Her Vagina

Cardi B isn’t about to stop telling it like it is now that she’s a mom. If anything, she’s more candid than ever — and she’s got some pressing questions for you, okurrr?

She and her husband, rapper Offset, welcomed baby daughter Kulture Kiari in July. Although Cardi’s loving motherhood, she says she could have done without a few of the unpleasant pregnancy and postpartum surprises. Cardi spoke with Jimmy Kimmel recently on his show, saying that baby Kulture "broke" her vagina (much to the amusement of Kimmel and his studio audience).

But the new mama is looking fine. On Instagram, she posted a selfie starring her super-toned tummy — and captioned it with a question that’s been driving her crazy: "Ladies how do you get rid of the black line in the middle of your stomach after giving birth? cause bitch [sad face emoji]."

The internet was predictably quick to respond.

"You look great! Mine slowly faded away," one commenter reassured her.

"Hormones! Deal with it! There’s life hitting You in the face! Tight bod, though! Congrats!" said one pragmatic fan.

Others suggested Mederma cream and cocoa butter, applied faithfully.

Then the haters crawled out to play:

"[A]re we just gonna ignore the fact that you ignore the fact that nobody cares?" sniped one.

Jeez, the lady’s got a broken vagina. Shut the hell up, troll. Is there no decency?

The dark line Cardi B’s referring to (according to the American Pregnancy Association) is actually called the pregnancy line (or the linea nigra), and yes, hormones are to blame. Not every woman gets the pregnancy line, but it’s common and will often fade away in time after the baby arrives.

But Cardi B recently told Twitter life with Kulture is fantastic — and she’s looking forward to her first holiday season with her:

"I’m sooooooo lookin forward to the holidays this year! I want to do really cute things with my baby…. "

She also tweeted:

All together: Awwwwwwww. She had one more question for her fans on Twitter the other day:

Naw, we ain’t even mad. Just… are you pregnant already? And can we maybe get a peek at Kulture sometime before she’s a big sister?

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