Cardi B Gets Real About Motherhood While Lugging Adorable Baby Kulture

Cardi B isn’t often shy about, well, anything, and she’s been candid in the past about her experiences being a mother to baby Kulture — everything from how giving birth “broke” her vagina (ouch!) to how she’s dealing with postpartum depression. This week, the rapper dished out more details about her life as a parent for Vogue’s “73 Questions” series.

The interview kicked off on the most adorable note: Cardi was at her grandmother’s house in New York and holding her sleeping daughter, whose pink Moschino pajama set is posher than anything we’ll ever own. The nap was likely a welcomed break for Cardi, who has been juggling parenthood and her busy tour schedule.

“The biggest [parenting] lesson is that you’re never ready on time. Things don’t go as you plan, never,” Cardi admitted.

As if planning matching outfits weren’t time-consuming enough, Cardi admitted that her daughter’s new obsession with the word “open” can really set them back when they’re trying to get things done around the house. “She wants me to open everything,” Cardi said. Hopefully, Kulture’s been putting her first word, “Dadda,” to use with her commands too!

While Cardi loves being a mom, she says that there are a few challenges. “The most underrated part of motherhood is that it’s hard,” she said. “People think that it’s easy, but it’s hard. We deserve more Mother’s Days.”

Another challenge? She’s continuously dealing with critics and the media. “People still talk about me like if I don’t have a kid,” she said. And when they do talk about her parenting style, the conversations are sometimes accompanied by some old-fashioned mom-shaming about everything from her relationship with husband Offset to the length of her nails.

All of that negativity has only made Cardi realize who she is (“I’m a different person now”) and how she wants to parent. Her advice to her daughter is: “Don’t worry what people say. And to dream big and follow it.” With her love and support, Cardi added that she hopes Kulture will be “a successful businesswoman, independent woman, [and] confident woman.”

With Cardi as a role model, is there any doubt Kulture won’t achieve her dreams?

Watch Cardi B answer 73 questions below:

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