Bow Down! See EmRata’s Hottest Ever Ab Moments

Are EmRata’s abs even for real? Sure, every once in awhile, a celebrity becomes synonymous with a certain physical attribute: JLo and her butt; Gabrielle Union and her dimples; Michelle Obama and her arms; Cara Delevingne and her eyebrows. But Emily Ratajkowski and her insanely flat, muscular and toned six-pack — make that 10-pack — have quickly taken over the top spot in Hollywood.

While the model does exercise, she’s admitted she doesn’t work that hard for her ripped physique, especially considering her nearly impossible-to-get “ab crack.” And, in fact, the self-declared feminist is a proponent of body confidence for all. As she told Us Weekly in July 2018, her best trick for getting a beach body is rather simple: “You have a body, and you’re on a beach — that’s my tip,” she said. And for her boldness in baring her own stomach and legs and the message of empowerment she shares, we salute her.

Scroll through to see EmRata’s best ab shots — on the street, the red carpet and the beach.

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