Bindi Irwin's Daughter Grace Drops Some Impressive Reptile Knowledge in an Adorable New Video

When it comes to her wildlife education, Grace Irwin is lightyears ahead of other toddlers. She obviously knows all about crocodiles (her grandpa was The Crocodile Hunter, after all!), and she is familiar with Australia’s natural wonders, like the Great Barrier Reef. But Bindi Irwin and Chandler Powell’s 2-year-old daughter also has an impressive knowledge of marine reptiles — and a new video shows just how smart she is!

The Crikey! It’s the Irwins star shared a new video from a day on the water, captioned simply, “Winter #BeachDay 🩵.” In it, Bindi, Powell, and Grace are joined by Bindi’s brother, Robert Irwin and her mom, Terri Irwin. They are all dressed warmly as they walk along the sand and rocks on the beach. Grace is adorable as always, but the cutest part is when she walks into a puddle.

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“Like a plesiosaur!” Grace sweetly says, as she slowly makes her way through the water. This makes Bindi laugh and confirm that, yes, Grace is just like a plesiosaur. In case your reptile knowledge is a little dusty, plesiosaurs are extinct marine reptiles with super long necks that lived during the Triassic Period and Cretaceous Period. They actually did move slowly, just like Grace, and we are thoroughly impressed with her brain!

Later in the video, Grace imitates another reptile. She stands in shallow water on the beach and says, “Swimming like a turtle” as she slowly picks up her feet side-to-side and wades through the water. Could she get any cuter?

“You know Grampa Steve is looking down on you with a happy smile on his face,” one person commented on the sweet video.

Another wrote, “How many two year olds know about pelisosaur or even how to say that word only an Irwin!! That’s very impressive ur raising her to appreciate nature and every living thing on the planet 🌎 even the species that don’t exist anymore aww 🥰.”

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