Baby Shower Invitations As Unique & Fun As You

Baby showers were traditionally a time for female friends and family to gather around a pregnant mother-to-be to bestow gifts and advice. But, as our definition of family has expanded, so has the pre-baby party. These days, you don’t need to be pregnant or a mom to have a shower thrown on your behalf. Today, they are more likely to be co-ed or happen after the baby is born. Parents may even opt to register for no gifts at all, or just request books.

Shower invitations should be able to reflect all the wonderful ways families are made and celebrated. Thankfully, we also live in an era where personalization is only a few clicks away. Companies like Minted, Paperless Post, and more let customers play with layout, wording, and even colors. Two moms, adoption showers, single dads, or “sprinkles” for a second or third baby are no problem when you can adjust as needed before ordering. Many online templates will even allow you to take the word “baby” out altogether if its a shower for a family who adopted a toddler or child.

These newer companies also allow way more than just text editing. You can also customize envelopes and stamps, buy matching thank-you notes, and even download a personalized invitation you can print at home. You can even send some really classy, 100% electronic invitations that make planning easier. Need more inspiration? Here are 21 unique, adorable, and customizable invitations we love.

Watercolor Lemon

Zazzle has a seemingly endless list of things you can personalize, from shirts to phone cases to, of course, invitations. That means you can get lots of coordinating goodies for a shower with certain themes. The Watercolor Lemon collection includes place cards, thank you notes, and party games.

Watercolor Lemon, starting at $2.15 a card at Zazzle.

Bumble Bee

Zazzle also lets you print many invitations, like this bumble bee design, on postcards or magnets. See the full Bumble Bee baby shower collection. 

Bumble Bee, starting at $2.15 a card at Zazzle.

A Little Caterpillar

Zazzle also carries invitations featureed liscensed characters that will delight kids and adults. 

A Little Caterpillar, starting at $2.46 a card at Zazzle.

Pooh & Friends Watercolor

Zazzle’s invitations offer two levels of custuomzation: a simple personalization where you simply plug in words for the template, and a more advanced version where you can change font and delete or add extra text, etc. For example, if you click “customize further” on this Winnie-The-Pooh invitation, you can remove the reference to “mommy-to-bee,” change it to “parents,” etc.

Pooh & Friends Watercolor, starting at $2.56 a card at Zazzle.

Chalkboard Sloth

Zazzle’s invitations also come with standard white envleopes for shipping. Text can also be added to the back at no extra charge. 

Chalkboard Sloth, starting at $2.15 a card at Zazzle.

Deer Mom

Paper Culture offers fewer customizations than competitors like Minted, but you can still customize all the text. Many, like the Deer Mom card, also offer a variety of background colors. 

Deer Mom, starting at $25.90 for 10 at Paper Culture.

Appleseed Birds

Paper Culture also plants a tree for every order and uses 100% recycled paper for printing.

Appleseed Birds, starting at $25.90 for 10 at Paper Culture.

Baby Pin

Including a photo can be a fun way to share a pregnancy shoot or even include a picture of the baby if the shower is happening after the birth. 

Baby Pin, starting at $27.02 for 10 at Paper Culture.


You can buy matching personalized thank-you notes featuring the same adorable hedgehogs. 

Hedgehogs, starting at $54.60 for 20 at Paper Source.

Watercolor Rainbow

Paper Source will suggest matching envelopes to buy with their personalized invitations. Addresses can be added at no extra cost. 

Watercolor Rainbow, starting at $54.60 for 20 at Paper Source.

Leafy Frame

For a more explicitly gendered baby shower invitation, this can also come in pink and blue. 

Leafy Frame Baby Shower Invitation, starting at $54.60 for 20 at Paper Source.

An Adoption Shower

While all personalized templates can be edited to include language around adoption if the parents want, there are also some very darling options out there that are designed specifically for adoption showers.

An Adoption Shower, starting at $TK for TK at Minted.


Who needs gendered invitations when we have something better than the gender binary: dumplings.

Dumpling, starting at $45 for 15 at Minted.

Rainbow Rain

Minted will not only pre-address envelopese, they also give you the option to send coordinating stamps and envelopes. In other words: more rainbows.

Rainbow Rain , starting at $45 for 15 at Minted.

Camouflage Warriors

Minted also offers the option to order cooresponding thank-you cards for many shower invites. You can also order a free sample if ordering 50 invitations sight unseen makes you nervous. 

Camouflage Warriors , starting at $45 for 15 at Minted.

A Little Cutie is on The Way

Need invites fast? Many Etsy sellers offer inexpensive templates you can buy, edit, and print in as little as one day. 

A Little Cutie is on The Way Template, $8 at Etsy.

Kraft Paper & Greenery

If you’d rather not mses with formating, there are also sellers that will take your party details and do the layout for you. Invites can be then printed at home or at a local print shop.

Kraft Paper & Greenery Baby Shower Invitation, $14 at Etsy.

Adella Modern Baby Shower Invitation

Sometimes, simple is best.

Adella Modern Baby Shower Template, $9.99 at Etsy.

Book Shower

Paperless Post is another way to get invitations out quickly. Choose one of their delightful designs, like this book-themed one, and send it out to invitees in under an hour. 

Book Shower, starting at 80¢ a card at Paperless Post.


Paperless Post also allows you to track RVSPs and send reminders. 

Herrgarde, starting at 80¢ a card at Paperless Post.

Bunny, Bear, & Baby

Including a picture in an electronic invitation is a sweet, inexpensive way to share your journeey with someone. 

Bunny, Bear, & Baby, starting at 80¢ a card at Paperless Post.

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