Andy Cohen’s Daughter Lucy Knows How to Road Trip Right & We’re Taking Notes

Andy Cohen’s summer road trips have been…a lot. There’s no doubt his family of three has had fun when they reached their final destination. (We’re screaming over this adorable picture of them at Amagansett Beach in the Hamptons!) But their drives to and from have been…less than picture-perfect.

You may remember back in June when Cohen and his kids Ben, 4 and Lucy, 1 went for what must have been a humbling drive for the Bravo star. After dealing with construction traffic, screaming from the backseat, and an apparent car sickness crisis, the Watch What Happens Live host made the mistake of trying to reason with his 4-year-old. He told Ben he was a champ and Ben insisted he was not a champ.

“Well, I mean, you’re a champion,” Cohen said. “No, I’m not! I’m not a champion!” Ben said. “OK, what are you?” Cohen asked, in the classic tone of parental defeat. “Nothing, I’m just a little boy…I mean, I’m a big kid.”

“You’re my favorite little boy, did you know that?” Cohen said, missing Ben’s critical correction.

“I’m not a little boy!” “Oh OK, you just said you were —” “I’m a big kid!”

“OK, you’re my favorite big kid,” Cohen said. “Stop telling me that,” Ben said, because apparently Cohen just can’t win.

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